La Fontelina Life - Capri Italy

La Fontelina Life - Capri Italy

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As I look over this restaurant and beach bar that encapsulates the essence of the Amalfi coast in my opinion .... I wanted to capture the moment where people are shifting uncomfortably in their deck chairs and waiting for that minute they can’t endure the heat off these black volcanic rocks for a second longer.

Then, one by one, they tiptoe to the waters edge and dive into the crystal clear mediteranean ....only to get out and do it all over again....

Eat, swim, sleep ....repeat. 

A moment that encapsulates a feeling and the spirit of this exotic place.

These beautiful cotton blend European towels are 180cm x 100cm have been digitally printed.

Photographed by Marie Ritchie.

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65% Cotton and 35% Polyester blended towels are digitally printed.

Please dry face down on a line to keep the integrity of the print in tact and do not put in the dryer. 180cm x 100cm.